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9 am to 4 pm  – Daily

(Weather Permitting)



805 Hooper Rd, Pineville La 71360

A colorful peacock perched on a concession stand at Gone Wild Safari Park in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Certified Wild Concessions

The park has a concession stand where visitors can buy refreshments, and a peacock is often seen perched on top, adding to the natural ambiance of the place.

A young child in a yellow shirt sifting through dirt to find precious gems and gold at the mining attraction at Gone Wild Safari Park in Alexandria, Louisiana

Playground and Mining Experiance

Aswell as Playground, the park has a mining attraction where children can learn about the process of mining and find their own gems and gold.

A gift store filled with exotic birds at Gone Wild Safari Park in Pineville, Louisiana.

Gifts and MORE

The park also has a gift store where visitors can purchase a wide range of souvenirs and exotic gifts such as handcrafted animal figurines, plush toys, clothing items, hats, and other keepsakes that are unique to the park and the animals that it houses.

A colorful collection of exotic birds on display at a store in Pineville, Louisiana.

Exotic Birds

The park’s aviary houses a diverse collection of birds, featuring different species from different parts of the world. Visitors can see the birds up close and learn about their natural habitats, behaviors, and conservation efforts.

Friendly staff setting up a beautifully decorated safari-themed event room ready for a birthday party at a venue in Pineville, Louisiana.

Party & Events Room

Gone Wild Safari Park in Pineville, Louisiana also offers a unique event room that can be used for a variety of special occasions such as birthday parties, school trips, corporate events and more. The event room is equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your special event a success.

A private safari tour bus ready to depart for a tour at Gone Wild Safari in Pineville, Louisiana

Private Bus Tours

These tours provide a unique and personalized experience, allowing visitors to explore the park in a comfortable and convenient way. The private bus tours are guided by experienced tour guides who will provide visitors with detailed information about the park’s animals and habitats.